2016 AGM Wrap Up

Well we had our 2016 AGM last night at the One Tree Hill Hotel. As reported, the past year was one of the most active in the clubs history with events occurring every 2 weeks on average. There were also some important announcements regarding our recent success in obtaining funding for our major projects. These include funds to construct a pump track, community trail, shelter and skills loop at Muldoon Reserve which all need to be constructed by the end of this financial year. The other big funding announcement was for the Spring Gully Trail Network Masterplan to the tune of $80,000. Tenders close for the design this week so we should know who will be designing our future trails very soon! We welcomed some new general committee members; Jason Carter, Hugh Alexander, Ewan Hauler and Ian Conquer and presented Garry Lewis with a Life Membership as recognition of over 15 years service to the club! A busy night that reflected by the activity of the club.