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There was a good turn out for the clubs last 2015 winter series race under fair weather conditions. Competitors were treated to riding the other half of the track that will be utilized for rd 5 of the…

Round 4 of our Winter Series will be held at Andy's Trail Network this 9th August with rego open from 9am and racing starting at 10am. Last time was the solo ATN100, this time around we will be on the…

Round 5 of the VES series sponsored by Bendigo Cycles and Skratch labs 6/3hr will be held on September 13th at 5242 Calder Highway Big Hill at Andy's MTB trailnetwork, with a stack of varying entry…

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Working Bee 21st & 22nd of May

The dust has settled on the Epic and its time to get busy again! The trail committee have been busy getting some cool stuff together ready for a massive working bee on the 21st and 22nd of May. Thats right - 2 days work!

Its all about going to the next level with our trail building to include more features. We've got fibreglass mesh for bridges and literally truck loads of gravel for berms.

Thanks to the success of the summer series and the Communities for Nature Grant, we will also be holding the official launch of the new power barrow complete with swinging champagne* bottle.

The Sunday afternoon will also have us cooking up a free BBQ with some beers and soft drinks as an official opening of the green loop.

We hope lots of you can make it for at least a half day session and see what trail building is all about.

Session times are 10am - 1pm and 1pm - 4pm each day. Rock up to the gate at the end of Wattle Drive and we will greet you with tools and a job list.

Look forward to seeing you there!

*operational budget only extends to beer