MTB Clubs future starts here…

One thing about the hugely successful Bendigo MTB Summer Series that can’t be ignored is that of the huge numbers of juniors that front up to the track every second Tuesday night from October to March and of these juniors our most important future stars are probably who you least expect – the Dirt Squirts.

Each and every race between 10 & 20, 4 – 8 year olds on their tiny wheels with their big number plates take to the track ahead of the major racing.  Full of smiles, nerves and grunt these little racers take it just as serious as their older counter parts albeit a little slower and not as far.  With their parents looking on with pride the Dirt Squirts whiz around a dirt squirt sized track for 15 minutes tousling for that all important 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize Ribbon. 

As the summer series comes to an end on Tuesday March 19th the Bendigo Mountain Bike Club invite all past, present and future dirt squirts to join us in the first ever ‘Dirt Squirt Showcase’ at the Quarry Hill Golf Course.  Free entry, medals and lollies for every rider this event is not to be missed.  For more information please contact the Clubs Summer Series Coordinator Jo via Facebook or Email. Dirt Squirt Logo.jpg