Women's Challenge Race Report

Iffy weather conditions didn’t stop the ladies at our first annual Women’s Only MTB 2hr Challenge. On the Day registration was greeted with a dozen smiling faces from as far as Shepparton and Melbourne bumping up the numbers to just over 50 with a great mix of ages and abilities. 

After some rain a few days prior the track was in perfect condition with a few boggy spots at the start that all the women navigated successfully. The self seeding start saw many of the experienced riders get out of the gate fast whilst the rest of the field spread out nicely with no chaos.  Lap times for most riders were consistent as were those undertaking the A (experienced) loop and B (green) loop.

The atmosphere throughout the challenge was buzzing with plenty of chatter and laughs. With the weather turning midway through the challenge resulting in a down pour you would have thought it would have sent the ladies ducking for cover - but not the case, with everyone continuing on with even bigger smiles amongst the muddy faces, bodies and bikes.  The categories results were laced with experience riders and newbies with average laps being 6 & 7 for the solos and 6 for the teams. Results have been uploaded to the results section of the webpage . http://mtbbendigo.com/files/9414/7219/8535/Womans_Event_2016_-_Lap_Time_Splits_and_Positions.pdf

The success of the day would also not have happened without the help of our manly volunteers, MTBA covering day licensing and our fantastic sponsors Fusion Physio, YogaHara, Specialized Australia and The Boundry Hotel.


Well done ladies on taking on the challenge with such gusto, until the next time!