Bendigo MTB Women's Challenge


The Bendigo Mountain Bike Club are excited to be launching a brand new event the August with the inaugural "Bendigo MTB Women's Challenge".

As a club we have talked at length about how we can encourage more women to get involved in mountain biking, and breaking down the apparent barriers; hence the idea to introduce a Women's only event that will be more focused on participation and fun rather than competitive racing. We feel that having women only will set a completely different tone, allowing the women to feel more confident, supported and less intimidated all within a social atmosphere.


The Event

The Women's Challenge will be run as a 2-hour event where participants can enter as a solo rider or alternatively grab some mates and enter as a team of pairs, triples or fours. The format is to complete as many laps of the course in the given 2-hour time frame; teams have riders tagging on and off like a relay, soldiers complete as many as they can individually. There will also be a novice event that will run for 1hr on a shortened loop. There will be a BBQ provided after the event along with presentations being made for each category.



On-site catering includes a BBQ and Coffee Van. There will also be toilets, first aid and parking available.


The Course

The race village will be located at Muldoon Reserve, Wattle Drive, Spring Gully. The course used will be the 5km "Green Loop" which is part of the Spring Gully Trail Network. Using this loop allows for beginners and the first time riders but still provides interest and fun for more experienced riders.



Entry fees are $20 per rider, $10 for junior and novice categories. We are excited to have the backing of the national governing body: Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) for this event. MTBA have recently introduced an incentive for new "come and Try Day" events and races where by they will cover all rider's insurances so there is no need for participants to purchase a day licence or be an existing member. You can enter now through Entryzone.

More information contact Jo Wall (Club Secretary):