Best Brake Pads for Carbon Wheels

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Most bikers are aware and follow the craze that carbon wheels have brought in. They are overtaking the older aluminum wheels fast. The black wheels are more fashionable because they come in various designs.

Carbon is lighter than aluminum meaning cyclists can peddle at greater velocity whether going uphill, flat terrains or descending steep slopes. An increase in speed calls for better braking functionality. The cyclists must fit their bike with the best brake pads to ensure safety.

Break failure can be fatal and can cause serious injuries or even death. Your bike can also get damaged and cost a lot of money to repair. Before you set out for the road, you should test your bike’s brakes and confirm they are working well even if you had done it again a few hours ago.

Moreover, you should never compromise your bike’s brake pad quality. When shopping for brake pads, consider the following qualities.

Break pad material

Bicycle brake pads are made of several different materials. Some are rigidly molded for better braking performance. Others are made from semi-metallic material while others are sintered to improve their resistance to heat while on the road. You should consider all these qualities before you choose any brand.


Good bicycle brake pads are thoroughly tested in the factory before they are released into the market. Testing improves maintenance so that you don’t keep adjusting your brakes now and then. Factory tested brake pads have the quality assurance stamp on the packaging.

Brake pad performance

Well-performing brake pads can bring your bike to a complete stop within a short time. The best way to test performance is to apply emergency brakes and observe how the braking system will perform. If you need to keep applying the brakes or you are forced to use your feet to stop the bike, they are of poor quality in terms of performance.

Level of friction

When you are cycling for long or are at high speed, brakes tend to lose friction. However, their strength is dependent on the type of brake pads. The brake pads should have high friction so that you can stop the bike even when you are speeding downhill.

Some other types of brake pads produce smoke when they can no longer resist heat. That is another red signal of brake pads with poor friction.


Durable brake pads will not require constant replacement. If you use your bike more often, you might require to replace your brake pads often, but it should never be too soon. You should go for brake pads that can save you money.

Durability can come from a mix of several other factors like material, thickness of the pad lining, rigidity and brand. Before you buy, look out for reviews of the brand, availability and if possible, pros and cons. Check some of the reviews below.

Best Brake Pads for Carbon Wheels

#1. Swiss Stop FlashPro 

The Swiss Stop FlashPro is made of thick rubber to improve friction and durability. The pads perform perfectly on carbon rims and come in two choices – the yellow king and the black prince.

They are long-lasting and can perform until the lining is completely worn out. The cyclist can feel a balancing between lever force and braking force when on the road. They do not require a lot of pressure when braking.

It’s very easy fixing the brake pads even when you choose a DIY approach. They have been improved and now have deeper asymmetrical grooves to give the rider a better experience when braking.


  • Very good stopping power
  • Compatible with carbon rims
  • Easy to install
  • Performs well in wet weather


  • Does not fit touring bikes

#2. Aurora Racing brake pads

The ceramic Aurora Racing brake pads are curved to protect the rim from being scratched by the pads. The shape also provides noiseless braking with better-stopping strength.  The brake pads perform excellently on carbon rims.

They are made with water expelling abilities so that you continue cycling and stop perfectly even in harsh weather. To keep off sand from damaging your rims, the pads have special sand guide grooves.

They fit well on a cylinder or tubular carbon and aluminum rims. The Aurora Racing brake pads have different designs and sizes fit for commuter bikes, road, kids, cruisers and BMX bikes.


  • Curved to protect rim scratches
  • They have special sand guide grooves
  • Available in different sizes


  • Not long-lasting if used rigorously

#3. Gray Road Bike Brake Pads for Carbon Wheels

If you are looking for brake pads made exclusively for carbon wheels, the Gray Road Bike Brake Pads for Carbon Wheels will be a perfect choice. They are made to retain a very minimal amount of heat meaning you can cycle for long hours without getting worried about overheating. The brakes will rarely wear out and are long-lasting.


  • Retains very low heat
  • Very long-lasting
  • They have very minimal noise


  • Can only be used on carbon rims

#4. CoroPad Road Brake Pads for Carbon Rim / 55mm

The carbon wheel brake pads are easy to fix and you will not require an expert to help you fit them.  They have been manufactured with noise reduction qualities and are specifically made for carbon wheels. The pads have a unique shape to help dispel water in wet seasons. Their price is affordable and their quality is high.


  • Highly durable
  • Friendly in wet weather
  • Have noise reduction qualities


  • Work with carbon rims only

#5. iFlyMars 

iFlyMars carbon wheel brake pads are manufactured using ceramic for durability. They can fit on both carbon and aluminum alloy wheels. The pads are curved to dispel water during the rainy season and are made to last and to protect your rim from scratching. They can be used on several types of bikes including BMX, city bike, children and road bikes. The brake pads will also work well with tubular or clincher rims that has a carbon braking surface.


  • All-weather friendly
  • They are long-lasting
  • Can fit on different bike brands
  • They can be used on both carbon and aluminum wheels


  • Does not last long when used rigorously

Things to consider when buying brake pads for carbon wheels

Brake lining is attached to the brake pads which squeezes against the wheels to bring the bike to a halt. The friction produced between the lining and the rim causes wear and tear on the rubber lining.

The more you apply the brakes, the faster they tear and the sooner they demand replacement. The signs for replacement time comes when you notice the brakes are not performing well or when you begin to hear a gliding sound whenever you apply the brakes. The following points are important to consider when buying brake pads for carbon wheels.

Type of brake pad

Brake pads come in three different types: 

The ceramic pads are the most recent in the market. They are manufactured using ceramic mixed with copper fiber. In terms of longevity, ceramic pads are the longest lasting. In terms of performance, semi-metallic pads perform better.

Some environment-friendly pads replace asbestos and are made using rubber, glass or carbon fiber. They are quiet but not long-lasting.

Semi-metallic pads are manufactured using copper, steel or iron mixed with fillers and graphite. They perform well and resist heat perfectly.


Not all brands give a warranty, but the ones that give a warranty can be trusted better. Do thorough shopping to determine which brands give a warranty.


Reviews are never organic. Most of the customers who post comments are authentic and they are happy with the brand. If the user experiences problems with the brake pad, they will be sincere in their comment and vice versa.


There are the known established brands and to remain a top brand, they keep improving on the quality of their products. Most newer brands could have quality products, but since they are not yet tested, most users may shy away from using the products immediately.


Various certification bodies help protect the safety of users. They test brands to ensure they meet certain minimum quality requirements. If the products pass the mark, they are stamped or given a certification number. Some of the certification authorities are Brake Effectiveness Evaluation Procedures (BEEP) and Differential Effectiveness Analysis (DEA).


Brake pad effectiveness is critical to your safety and the safety of others. That is why we have covered three sections in this review. First, we have discussed the qualities of good brake pads and then detailed reviews of some of the top brands we took note of during our research.  

We have also covered what you should consider when buying brake pads for carbon wheels. The information contained herein is to help you get informed and make a wise buying decision. We believe it will help you in choosing your preferred brake pads for your bicycle’s carbon wheels.

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