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Why Electric Skateboards are Cooler than you Might Think

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When new versions of existing products turn up there is always a certain amount of ‘traditionalists’ who will look down their noses. This is true in some cases with electric skateboards as the traditional skater community did not all embrace these new boards when they first arrived.

However, many forms of electric transport are now becoming popular and with concerns about the environment, it is not surprising. If you are a keen cyclist then at times you will have gone through urban areas and had some first-hand experience of the effects of roadside pollution.

Electric skateboards are one new form of e-transport that is really growing and even traditional skaters are starting to embrace the benefits of these boards.

Keep reading to see just why electric skateboards are far cooler than might first appear. 

They are fast, go far, and they are eco-friendly

A skater might say that this subheading described a perfectly normal skateboard and they would be right. However, when it is used to refer to an electric skateboard it has a slightly different meaning.

If you purchase the right model then your board could go 25 miles on a single charge, and that charge could cost just a few cents. Research has shown that some boards fully charge for as little as 5 cents. That makes them extremely eco-friendly.

They are also fast. A top board can go up to 25 miles per hour. While skateboards can travel distances fast, they are more likely to hit speeds on flat surfaces at around 8 – 12 mph.

If you need some more proof that electric skateboards are cool then you can look online at providers such as eRideHero who have good comparison lists and reviews of these new e-skateboards or just carry on reading.

How are electric skateboards used?

Electric skateboards can be used to carve, and are a good mixture of surfboard and skateboard, with some snowboard thrown in for good measure.

They can be used in the skatepark like a regular board but they differ when it comes to stunts. While skaters say that you can’t do stunts on e-skateboards they are still able to do plenty of tricks. The problem lies in the weight of the board because of the motor. However, that motor lets e-skateboards go somewhere that other boards can’t, uphill!

E-skateboards give an extra level of freedom compared to typical long and shortboards by allowing the skater to go uphill and even pass cyclists…occasionally. 

E-skateboards are suitable for almost everyone

Another reason these boards are cool is that anyone can use them. There are models for kids as well as teenagers. There is no reason why middle-aged people can’t start to embrace skating with an e-skateboard either.

Just as you can get quality mountain bikes for tall riders, electric skateboards come in different sizes and strengths to cope with taller and bigger skaters.

They are also perfect for beginners. These skateboards are controlled with a wireless hand-held remote which negates the need to learn how to brake and push on. These controllers also offer displays to let you understand your riding mode and how much battery life is left.

They need little in the way of maintenance

When you have a mountain bike there is always a degree of maintenance and this is to be expected when you consider the terrain they can cover. You may have to fix gears, brakes, and make adjustments when you wonder why your bike is hard to pedal? But, electric skateboards need minimal care.

Wipe dust and dirt off after riding to keep any particles from getting into the electronics. Maintain and lubricate bearings, and change wheels as necessary. That’s it.. 

They can be used for multiple purposes

Electric skateboards can be used for commuting to work, cruising, sports, tricks, and zipping about town when running errands and catching up with friends.

With long battery life and a steady speed, they can make short work of the journey to work, and they can happily cruise around your neighborhood regardless if there are hills or inclines involved.

They are also good for physical activity. It would be easy to assume that they don’t require any muscle work from the skater but they still need leg and core strength. Riding these boards will improve balance and build muscle strength in these areas. 


So, to sum up. Electric skateboards are eco-friendly, suitable for almost everyone, they can go at least twice the speed of a regular shortboard, cost only cents to charge, require minimal maintenance, and can help you build strength and improve balance.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you then you should see all the celebrities that are embracing electric skateboards, self-balancing boards, and other forms of e-transport. Just try to keep within the law on your e-skateboard and stay out of trouble, unlike some celebrities.

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