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Bikers who perform wheelies never seem to be out of fun and impressing the onlookers. Even if the practice of being half-suspended in the air has been with us for some time now, people still cannot get enough excitement from watching this trick. 

Doing a wheelie successfully takes a lot of skill but the success of this trick is hugely dependent on the bike. For this, you want to have the perfect bike to give the best performance.

What to Look Out for When Getting the Best Bike for Wheelies 

It's a bit tricky to look for the perfect wheelie bike because bike manufacturers often won't tell you which bike is best for this trick. Fortunately, there are things you can look out for to do wheelies. To make sure you get the perfect wheelie bike, consider the following factors:


Almost all, if not all modern mountain bikes come with suspension and when you order a bike that's rigid, you will obtain a specific suspension level. This factor is extremely beneficial for riding on trails as it helps the bike's tires travel down and PS. For this kind of support, you need to get a safe but speedy ride.

Rims or Disc Brakes

Generally, there are two main types of brakes. The first one is the disc brake and the common standards for this are either hydraulic or mechanical. The second is the rim brake, which is typically called a linear-pull, direct-pull, or V-brake. Rim brakes are more traditional as they slow the bike down to a stop.


Mountain bikes need reliable and robust wheels. For this, off-road wheels will be perfect. To make sure that off-road wheels last, you need to consider your weight, riding method, and the terrain you usually ride on. 

If you plan to use the bike for riding on thorny or rough regions, you should take some added protection for the tube of the wheels to avoid getting flat tires. Remember that caring for your wheels can make them last longer.

Handlebars, Seats, and Pedals

Bikes have two main handlebars: the riser and the flat. Based on the design of the frame, the flat handlebar is a bit lower and is usually lighter. Long-distance bike riders love these handlebars. By contrast, the riser bar is higher. It's also more comfortable and broader to reach. 

For your comfort, you need to have some experience. Try testing out the bike once before buying it. You might even need to ride a couple of times before you get used to your new bike. 

It's a good move to select pedals with toe straps and clips. These will provide you with support while riding. Just make sure that the pedals have enough space for your feet as this will help you manage your bike better on various terrains.

Travel Timing

There are many types of bicycles limited by the travel timing the shocks can afford. For instance, you can find 1 to 3-inches suspension on bikes designed for short travel. These are great for biking cross country. You can get 3 to 4-inches suspension while you use slopestyle on gated-racing bikes. When doing a wheelie, the stand-over height will help you land safely.

Top 4 Bicycles for Wheelies

Schwinn Bonafide Men and Women Mountain Bike, Front Suspension, 24-Speed, 29-Inch Wheels, 17-Inch Aluminum Frame, Matte Black/Red
  • 17-inch aluminum mountain frame with high-performance suspension fork effectively absorb bumps and thumps, while the 29-inch wheels fit to riders 5'4 to 6'2 inches tall
  • Effortless gear change with 24-speed trigger shifters and front and rear derailleurs
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes deliver precise stopping power in any condition, while the durable alloy cranks ensure reliable gearing and reduced maintenance hassle
  • For enhanced durability, the high-profile double-wall alloy rims offer a combination of lightness and strength, while the 2.25-inch wide knobby mountain tires are prepared to tackle rough and uneven...
  • Arrives partially assembled, will require tools, Philips head screwdriver, Allen wrench 2.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, & 8mm, an adjustable wrench, and pair of pliers with cable cutting ability

The Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike high-profile rims are of alloy and huge tires. It's a hardtail mountain bike that's specially designed for trains. The rims are lightweight but durable just like the frame. This bike has a strong front suspension fork, allowing you to glide across trails and move faster than everyone else.

The mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear of the Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike provide you with crisp stopping power. It also has durable cranks to provide steady gearing along with less maintenance. With all of these features and more, you can even use this bike for bumpier terrain.

Things we liked

  • Features an aluminum frame and a powerful suspension fork to ensure superior durability.
  • Offers a smooth and easy ride thanks to the Shimano derailleurs and EZ Fire trigger shifters.
  • Comes with a limited warranty good for 5 years.

Things to consider

  • Assembling the bike is a bit challenging for beginners.
Diamondback Bicycles Release Full Suspension Mountain Bike
  • Level Link design equals 130mm of efficient-yet-supple rear suspension
  • Fox Float DPS EVOL LV shock
  • Fox Rhythm 34 fork with 150mm travel and grip damper, 15mm thru axle
  • Shimano SLX 1x11 drivetrain components with Race Face cranks provide plenty of gear range
  • Diamondback Blanchard 28R wheels make it easy to go tubeless

The Diamondback Bicycles Release Full Suspension Mountain Bike is a beautiful bike that comes in a number of contemporary colors: red, green, matte sand, and raw carbon matte. It has a full hydro-forged frame made of aluminum and it comes in different sizes. This bike even offers a very efficient rear suspension.

The hydraulic disc system of this bike ensures your safety on the front and rear wheels. The Diamondback Bicycles Release Full Suspension Mountain Bike's KS LEV Si dropper post includes a southpaw remote to improve your maneuverability, especially while you go downhill. With this bike, you will enjoy easy shifting and superior performance all the way.

Things we liked

  • The Level Link design offers a supple and efficient rear suspension.
  • Features a Fox Float rear shock that provides a smoother riding experience.
  • The wheels on this bike make it easier for you to shift to tubeless.

Things to consider

  • The beginners might not like it as it offers pro-level performance.
Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike, For Men and Women, 26 Inch Wheels, 4 Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed, Adult Steel Frame, Front and Rear Brakes, Navy Blue
  • Ideal for riders between 5'4" to 6' tall, this mountain bike with a steel frame, supersized knobby tires, and 26-inch wheels allows for effortless conquering of any off-road trail
  • Adjustable for riders of different heights, the threadless headset increase speed and performance, combined with strong and lightweight alloy rims keep the weight down
  • Ride comfortably with beach cruiser pedals and ensure safety with front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • 1 x 7 drivetrain allowing for smooth gear transitions and optimal power transfer during your rides
  • Arrives 80% assembled, tools needed to complete assembly are Phillips head screw driver, 2.5-8mm Allen wrench, adjustable wrench, pair of pliers

The Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike allows you to ride safely with its disc brakes on the front and back. It also allows you to ride comfortably thanks to the beach cruiser pedals. This bike has a rear derailleur with 7 different speeds making it easy to climb uphill

The twist shifters make it easy and smooth for you to change gears while you ride. With the Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, you can conquer off-road trails easily, especially since it has big, knobby tires suitable for different kinds of terrain. The alloy rims add to the overall performance and speed without weighing you down.

Things we liked

  • Has a frame made of steel with supersized knobby tires allowing you to ride on virtually any terrain.
  • The alloy rims are lightweight and strong for added performance and speed.
  • Comes with a limited warranty that lasts for a lifetime.

Things to consider

  • Is light in weight, which is a good thing, but if you want heavy-stuff, it’s not for you

The Redline Bikes MX BMX Race Bike has a pivotal race saddle that enables you to utilize different angles while you ride. This makes it easy for you to do wheelies, twists, turns, and other tricks. It even has an easy to adjust seatpost, which isn't common on other types of bikes with BMX seats. 

The bike features 3-piece tubular crankset made of durable Chromalloy steel. This makes the bike very sturdy. It comes with an integrated headset for smoother and more controlled steering. The Redline Bikes MX BMX Race Bike comes from a well-known brand in the industry so you can expect greatness from it.

Things we liked

  • Features a sturdy bike frame made of high-quality, lightweight aluminum material.
  • Suitable for track riding, off-road racing, and other stunts like wheelies.
  • The tires provide you with optimum traction and speed.

Things to consider

  • Not very great for roads.

What should you consider before buying a bicycle for wheelies?

By now, you already should already know what the best bike for wheelies is. But before you make the final decision for purchase, here are some more considerations for you:

The Material of the Frame

Today's mountain-bike frames are of different types of metals. Some are of steel, while others of aluminum, carbon, or titanium. If you're a new wheelie convert, you may want to take a spin on these different types to test your preference. The most common materials used for bike frames are as follows:


Most mountain bikes today are of this material as it's a transcendent metal for this kind of bike. The frame is highly durable, lightweight, affordable, and has a wonderful appearance.


The best thing about this frame is that it's the most affordable material. It is the most traditional metal used in bikes. A steel frame offers sound lightness, durability, superior riding experience, and is a lot easier to repair.

Titanium and Carbon

If you're looking for a "beast bike" and you have a big budget, then the titanium or carbon bike might be the best choice.  Either of these will cost you more. Bike frames made of carbon are corrosion-resistant, super lightweight, and have superior absorption of vibration. For titanium frames, they're similar to steel and aluminum frames. These frames are very comfortable, rust-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

Efficient Gears

To use your bike for wheelies, choose one with gears that can transfer power most efficiently to the rear wheel to perform smooth wheelies. Moreover, bikes that don't have gears on the front can be a good feature for wheelies as this results in a front that's lighter, making wheelies easier.

Type of Bike

When looking for a wheelie bike, consider the terrain you usually ride on. For most parts, road bikes are for pavements while mountain bikes are for rugged terrain. Hybrid and specialty bikes perform best on pavements. Here are the different types of bikes you should consider:

  • Road Bikes: These bikes are a great choice for wheelies because they're super lightweight and easy to use. 
  • Cyclocross Bikes: These bikes are lightweight, durable, and perfect for performing wheelies because they're easy to handle even in different conditions and on rough terrain.
  • Endurance Bikes: These bikes are of high-quality materials and you can use them for different tricks. Since you can ride this bike with your head up, it makes the bike perfect for wheelies. 
  • Mountain Bikes: Because of their superior braking system and shock absorbers, these bikes are absolutely perfect for doing wheelies too.

How Do You Do a Wheelie on a Bike?

You can do a wheelie by lifting the front half of your bike using the handlebars and using only the rear wheels for moving forward. This might sound simple, but it will take a lot of practice. If you're planning to learn this trick, here are the reps to do it:

  • Start your bike at a steady and smooth pace. Make sure the road is both wide and flat enough, without any obstacles.
  • Bend down your upper body. This shifts most of your weight over the bike's handlebars. Don't let go!
  • Pedal down to move faster. When you feel confident with your balance, use the handlebars to lift your bike's front wheels.
  • Lean back without letting go of the handlebars. Keep pedaling, but you may slow down a bit.


After reading this article, you can now decide what type of bicycle will best suit you to perform wheelies. Always keep in mind that bike riding should be a fun experience. You can learn a few tricks and stunts along the way and one of these is a wheelie. For both neophytes and professionals, any of the bikes here can potentially be the best bicycle for wheelies. Get yourself the perfect bike and amp up your game!

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