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Best Road Tires for Mountain Bike 29er Reviews

Mountain bikes come with traditional knobby tires suitable for off roads. These tires do not work well on smooth or grainy roads as they wear off quickly. Besides, they roll slower, making it hard to ride on asphalt roads. 

The good this is that there are road tires designed to transform 29er mountain bikes into the versatile bicycle for regular road use.  Here is everything you need to know to pick the best road tires for mountain bike 29er 

Our Top Pick Best Road Tires for Mountain Bike 29er

Features to consider for the Best Road Tires for Mountain Bike 29er

Before we look at the top products to buy, let’s first check the essential features to consider:


Although no rider wants to have a punctured tire, sometimes it happens, which calls for replacement. Thus, the tire chosen should be easy to remove with less hassle. 

Puncture protection

The casing determines how easy the tire gets punctures when on the road. Though the streets present less risk compared to off-road, preventing tear is a significant concern among the riders. Look for those made of quality materials such as cotton or silk with high threads per inch (TPI) for decreased rolling resistance. 


There are tires made of soft and hard compounds. Softer ones provide firm grip but won't last for long in the rough road while the hard types are durable but have less traction. To strike a balance, one should go for multi-compound tires to work well in both smooth and grainy roads.


Mountain bikes are known to have wide rims, and thus wider tires that fit well should be chosen. Proper width prevents tires from coming off while increasing the rolling speed desired while riding on the road.

Type of road tire

The type of road tire should be considered when choosing one for mountain bikes. They include clincher tires, tubular tires, and tubeless tires. 

Clincher tires are very easy to replace and come with a separate casing that houses the inner tube. They are either folding or non-folding. Folding is foldable, making it easy to store and transport when not in use. Besides, they are easier to get them off the rim and are lighter but expensive. 

Tubular uses inner tube but are different from clincher due to their construction. The casing is sewn, unlike in clinchers types which are open. They also have to be glued to the rim and thus can even be ridden when flat. However, it may difficult to repair punctures.

The tubeless, on the other hand, do not use inner tubes. The wheels seals to the rim, becoming airtight, thus remain inflated without a tube. They can be ridden on low pressure providing a superior grip on all road types. The challenge comes when fixing the tires, as it is challenging to set it on the rim. Besides, they are a little heavier due to their casing.

Benefits of road tires for mountain bikes 29er

Getting a road tire for your mountain bikes open up the opportunity of riding on asphalt roads with ease. Here are the key benefits that riders enjoy doing away with the old tire that come with mountain bikes.

Increased rolling speed

Larger road tires have less resistance compared to smaller wheels. This results in a smooth and fast ride that conserves your energy. Besides, the road tires are thinner compared to their mountain type counterparts that result in less contact and friction for fast cycling. 

Easy maneuverability

The road tires have a higher pressure, thus squish less, making riding on smooth and grainy road much more comfortable. Riding on asphalt road with mountain bike tires can be tiring as they tend to have more friction with more contact that makes it challenging to maneuver even when negotiating bends. 

Road Tires for Mountain Bikes 29er Best Suggestions for You

Now that you have known the features to consider; it is the right time to get the best road tire for your mountain bike 29er. Here are the top 5 suggestions that can be ordered on Amazon anywhere anytime:

WTB Slick 29 x 2.2 Comp Tire, Black
  • Smooth centerline minimizes rolling resistance.
  • Outer grooves provide cornering traction and water evacuation.
  • Ideal for those who commute year-round, regardless of the weather.
  • Distance compound/ durable casing/ wire bead
  • 29" x 2. 2"

If you are an all-weather commuter for all year round, then the WTB Slick Comp tire is a perfect choice. The tire can perform well in smooth and grainy roads due to its strength while weighing only 540g. There is enhanced control even in wet conditions as a result of deep outer grooves with rolling efficiency from the smooth center utilized by the slick. 

Despite coming at an affordable price, the tire is made of durable impervious DNA rubber that lasts you longer on the road. Besides, it is a tube-type tire with a wire bead for strength and proper retention. Thus, it won't come off the rim. 

Things we liked

  • Minimum rolling resistance due to smooth centerline
  • Efficient water evacuation and cornering traction from deep outer grooves
  • All-weatheredDurable as it is made of DNA rubber
  • Proper tire retention

Things to consider

  • Thin sidewalls thus may not work well off-trail
MAXXIS Hookworm WC Wire Tire, 29-Inch
  • Curved grooved slick design
  • Rim to rim tread-protected sidewalls
  • 65 max psi tire
  • Wrap around tread pattern

This is a fantastic tire designed for riders who love to ride super aggressively on street roads. The tire has bead-to-bead tread that offers traction and durability regardless of the street type. It can perform well on grainy rails, smooth roads, down the staircase and any other local skate park. 

The 60Tpi casing enhances the bike's strength while providing the much-needed grip. The sidewall is protected with a rim to rim tread that prevents puncture even when riding on grainy roads. Besides, the tires are easy to install as long as you get the right inner tubes.  Get it and enjoy a smooth and faster ride on asphalt road using your mountain bike.

Things we liked

  • Smooth and fast ride
  • Well protected sidewalls
  • Durable due to bead-to-bead tread and 60Tpsi
  • Maximum traction for all types of roads

Things to consider

  • Large when inflated thus requires enough space in the forks
SCHWALBE Marathon Supreme RLX Folding Bead Tire (700X32)
  • HD Speed Guard and RoadStar Triple compound
  • Puncture protection
  • LiteSkin sidewall
  • Lightest and sportiest tire in the Marathon EVO line

Forget about frequent punctures with Marathon Supreme HS 382 HD. The HD speed guard protects the tires against any tear while you ride on any road. You get a maximum grip even on wet and slippery roads due Road star triple compound used on tires. They remain sportiest and lightest in line with marathon EVO.

The tire is foldable, making storage and transport easier when not in use. Besides, it has LiteSkin sidewalls that reduce rolling resistance while saving weight. This results in a smooth and faster ride on flat and grainy roads. Though expensive, the premium features are worth every coin spent.

Things we liked

  • Lighter weight
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Excellent rolling even on a wet road

Things to consider

  • Quite expensive
  • 7630024381347

This is one of the best road tires for mountain bike 29er, which can be used on both tube and tubeless bicycles. It is not susceptible to air leakages; thus, one can ride for long without encountering flat wheels. The tire copes well with the most demanding trails due to its alloy construction.

Whether going uphill or downhill, the DT Swiss tackles all with ease. Besides, the product has wide internal dimensions that fit mountain bike rims perfectly well. The double-wall provides a perfect balance between strength and weight, ensuring durability with ease of replacing it. The super performance can be enjoyed on all asphalt roads.

Things we liked

  • Used in both tube and tubeless mountain bikes
  • Affordable
  • Durable due to alloy construction
  • Airtight thus reduce the chance of flat tires on tubeless bikes

Things to consider

  • Does not come with sealant, valves or tape
  • 7630024381347

The Schwinn is a trusted brand that has been in the bicycle manufacturing industry since 1895. Their dedication to providing quality bikes and their accessories is seen thorough Schwinn replacement bike tire. The wheels are designed to fit different bike styles, including mountain bicycles. 

Riding on paved surfaces is super smooth and fast as a result of unique historic gum wall construction. It offers superior gripping leaving no chance for sliding even on flat roads. Besides, the Kevlar belt under tread middle decreases chances of punctures when riding. Buy one and enjoy freestyle riding due to a high grip from the wheels.

Things we liked

  • Freestyle riding due to superior grip
  • Reduces chance for puncture due to Kevlar belt under tread middle
  • Fit different bikes styles
  • Durable construction at an affordable price

Things to consider

  • Heavier compared to typical tires

Final Words

When you are done with off-road cycling, it is good to replace the mountain bike wheels with road tires. Riding on mountain bike wheels is challenging on asphalt road as they tend to be thick, creating more contact and friction that slows down the cyclers. Besides, they do not grip well on smoother trails. 

Getting the perfect road tires like the ones suggested here, make riding on both smooth and grainy roads much more comfortable and stress-free. The less friction and contact increases the speed of riding while ensuring proper maneuverability on the road. The smooth surface of road tires, unlike the mountain types, provides a firmer grip on asphalt road with less resistance.

How to Remove Snap Ring Without Pliers: Alternative for Snap Ring Pliers

As a cyclist, you may want to learn how to perform simple maintenance procedures. One such procedure is the removal of snap rings. Replacing or removing snap rings can be very difficult, especially without the right tools. 

Most snap rings need the use of a snap ring pliers. With this, you simply grip the ring with the two tiny holes at both ends of the clip. But what happens if you own have a snap ring pliers? Worry not, as there are alternative methods you can try.

Use a pair of punches

When you need to remove a snap ring but you discover that you don't own a snap ring pliers, try this method. It might need some practice, but it should work. Here are the steps:

  • Take a pair of punches and make sure that they fit in the holes of your bike's snap ring.
  • Put the punches into the snap ring's holes.
  • Slide a dowel rod between the punches. Use the dowel rod as a fulcrum point.
  • Push the top parts of the punches together as you would when you use chopsticks.
  • Open the snap ring up.

Use a needle nose pliers

An easier method is to use a pair of needle nose pliers. Although this doesn't look exactly like a snap ring pliers, it could work as well depending on the size of your snap ring. 

If you have a needle nose pliers at home and you don't mind making adjustments to it, grind the pliers' tips down to make the "fingers" that you insert into the holes of your bike's snap ring. 

This entails some effort and the end product might not be as effective as a real snap ring pliers - but it is completely doable. If you're looking for a pair of needle nose pliers for this task, here are some other excellent options for you:

Klein Tools J207-8CR Needle Nose Pliers are All-Purpose Linesman Pliers, Made in USA, Crimping, Looping, Cutting, Stripping, Crimping, Shearing
  • Needle Nose Pliers strip, cut, loop, crimp and shear
  • Strips 10-18 AWG Solid and 12-20 AWG Stranded wire; 6-32 and 8-32 screw shearing
  • Crimps non-insulated connectors, lugs and terminals
  • Dual material Journeyman handles provide better grip
  • Made in USA

Klein Tools J207-8CR Needle Nose Pliers is one of the most versatile, durable, and comfortable needle nose pliers making it a top pick among craftsmen. It's more than just a pair of pliers as it possesses features that you can use to complete many tasks associated with a needle nose pliers like crimping and stripping wires. They are less of a standard tool but more multi-tool.

This model is strongly built but with special grips for comfort. You can use it with tough jobs even in the dirtiest conditions. You can even use this needle node pliers for repairing jewelry and removing snap rings.

Things we liked:

  • Versatile tool that you can use for different tasks and
  •  purposes.Dual-material handles for a better and more
  •  comfortable grip.Highly durable tool made of forged steel.

Things to consider:

  • You may have to lubricate the pliers frequently to make it easier to use.
Stanley 89-870 8.5-Inch Long Nose Plier with Cutter
  • 8.5-Inch long nose pliers with cutter used for cutting and grasping or bending small objects
  • Machined jaws for a slip-resistant grip
  • Drop forged from high-carbon steel for extra durability
  • MaxSteel pliers reduce cutting effort by 45-percent, and increase edge life by 33-percent
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards

The Stanley Long Nose Pliers has an 8-inch MaxSteel long nose and a cutter. It's used for bending and grasping small objects, and for cutting. It has an extra-slim design for the head that's perfect for accessing hard-to-reach spaces. Additionally, it features machined jaws for a slip-resistant grip. 

The pliers' bilateral grip also offers added comfort. This pair of pliers has induction-hardened cutting edges and a forged construction from high-carbon steel giving it extra durability. This pliers reduces your cutting effort by as much as 45% and increases edge life by up to 33%.

Things we liked:

  • Includes a cutter for bending, cutting, and grasping tiny objects.
  • The machined jaws provide a non-slip grip.
  • Meets or exceeds the standards set by ANSI.

Things to consider:

  • Some claim that it's too bulky.
Dykes Needle Nose Pliers Extra Long Needle Nose Plier (6-Inch)
  • 6-inch needle nose pliers with long tempered jaws for working in hard to reach areas, excellent for work in tight places.
  • Tapered nose with fine tips for bending wire, jewelry making, computers maintenance, electronics repair, small object gripping ect.
  • Great tool for general, hobby, or craft use, especially useful for jewelry craftsmen, artisans, electricians, and network engineers.
  • Carbon steel construction for durability; Plastic-dipped handles for added comfort.
  • Leaf Spring loaded design makes this long nose pliers easier to use and relieve fatigue.

Because of its long and tempered jaws, the Dykes Needle Nose Pliers is ideal for working on tiny objects, bending wires, and working in tight spaces. The tapered nose has fine tips making it perfect for various tasks - even for snap ring removals.

It has a carbon-steel construction that provides long life and durability. The handles are plastic-dipped allowing for added comfort during use. It even has a leaf spring-loaded design making the tool easier to use.

Things we liked:

  • The extra-long jaws allow you to access tight and hard-to-reach places.
  • Versatile tool that you can use for different tasks - even to remove snap rings.
  • High-quality tool made with a durable carbon steel construction. 

Things to consider:

  • Some inconsistencies with the quality.

If you're planning to use a needle nose pliers, don't forget to place a rag underneath the piston first so that when you drop the circlip, it won't go into the crankcase. With the needle nose pliers, you can twist the clip just enough until one end gets into the groove. 

Then use your fingers and a small, flat screwdriver to finish the job. Finally, place a rag on top of the bore. Make sure that you work in a clean area in case the clip doesn't cooperate. Sometimes, it might even fly across the room!

Why should you learn alternative maintenance skills for your bike?

It's always recommended for cyclists to learn something about your transport, especially the most basic maintenance procedures. This comes in handy when something happens along the road and there is no help in sight. 

It's not enough to just know how to ride your bike. You should also know how to maintain it, whether for repairs or just to keep it in top shape. Here are the reasons why DIY maintenance on your bike is essential:

  • It saves you money 
  • It allows you to practice essential skills and learn more about your bike
  • It improves your confidence in terms of fixing parts of your bike. 
  • It can be part of your cycling hobby.


Not having a snap ring pliers shouldn't be the end of the road when it comes to removing your bike's snap ring. As you can see, there are alternative methods you can do. By far, the most common solution in the absence of a snap ring pliers is a needle nose pliers. Together with other minor tools, this alternative will get the job done. It might not be as effective, but with a little ingenuity, you can still use this tool to snap the ring out.

Why Electric Skateboards are Cooler than you Might Think

When new versions of existing products turn up there is always a certain amount of ‘traditionalists’ who will look down their noses. This is true in some cases with electric skateboards as the traditional skater community did not all embrace these new boards when they first arrived.

However, many forms of electric transport are now becoming popular and with concerns about the environment, it is not surprising. If you are a keen cyclist then at times you will have gone through urban areas and had some first-hand experience of the effects of roadside pollution.

Electric skateboards are one new form of e-transport that is really growing and even traditional skaters are starting to embrace the benefits of these boards.

Keep reading to see just why electric skateboards are far cooler than might first appear. 

They are fast, go far, and they are eco-friendly

A skater might say that this subheading described a perfectly normal skateboard and they would be right. However, when it is used to refer to an electric skateboard it has a slightly different meaning.

If you purchase the right model then your board could go 25 miles on a single charge, and that charge could cost just a few cents. Research has shown that some boards fully charge for as little as 5 cents. That makes them extremely eco-friendly.

They are also fast. A top board can go up to 25 miles per hour. While skateboards can travel distances fast, they are more likely to hit speeds on flat surfaces at around 8 – 12 mph.

If you need some more proof that electric skateboards are cool then you can look online at providers such as eRideHero who have good comparison lists and reviews of these new e-skateboards or just carry on reading.

How are electric skateboards used?

Electric skateboards can be used to carve, and are a good mixture of surfboard and skateboard, with some snowboard thrown in for good measure.

They can be used in the skatepark like a regular board but they differ when it comes to stunts. While skaters say that you can’t do stunts on e-skateboards they are still able to do plenty of tricks. The problem lies in the weight of the board because of the motor. However, that motor lets e-skateboards go somewhere that other boards can’t, uphill!

E-skateboards give an extra level of freedom compared to typical long and shortboards by allowing the skater to go uphill and even pass cyclists…occasionally. 

E-skateboards are suitable for almost everyone

Another reason these boards are cool is that anyone can use them. There are models for kids as well as teenagers. There is no reason why middle-aged people can’t start to embrace skating with an e-skateboard either.

Just as you can get quality mountain bikes for tall riders, electric skateboards come in different sizes and strengths to cope with taller and bigger skaters.

They are also perfect for beginners. These skateboards are controlled with a wireless hand-held remote which negates the need to learn how to brake and push on. These controllers also offer displays to let you understand your riding mode and how much battery life is left.

They need little in the way of maintenance

When you have a mountain bike there is always a degree of maintenance and this is to be expected when you consider the terrain they can cover. You may have to fix gears, brakes, and make adjustments when you wonder why your bike is hard to pedal? But, electric skateboards need minimal care.

Wipe dust and dirt off after riding to keep any particles from getting into the electronics. Maintain and lubricate bearings, and change wheels as necessary. That’s it.. 

They can be used for multiple purposes

Electric skateboards can be used for commuting to work, cruising, sports, tricks, and zipping about town when running errands and catching up with friends.

With long battery life and a steady speed, they can make short work of the journey to work, and they can happily cruise around your neighborhood regardless if there are hills or inclines involved.

They are also good for physical activity. It would be easy to assume that they don’t require any muscle work from the skater but they still need leg and core strength. Riding these boards will improve balance and build muscle strength in these areas. 


So, to sum up. Electric skateboards are eco-friendly, suitable for almost everyone, they can go at least twice the speed of a regular shortboard, cost only cents to charge, require minimal maintenance, and can help you build strength and improve balance.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you then you should see all the celebrities that are embracing electric skateboards, self-balancing boards, and other forms of e-transport. Just try to keep within the law on your e-skateboard and stay out of trouble, unlike some celebrities.

What Is the Best Road Bike for Daily Commute?

Given the explanation of your cycling patterns, I feel you'd be satisfied with a lightweight bike that is truly reliable and, above all, convenient. There is no worse thing than getting late to work and then suddenly running into problems with your ride because of a flat tire.

It appears like you're a fairly rough rider, and I imagine you'd be more comfortable using a lightweight bike and medium-range quality parts.

When you begin shopping for the best daily commuter bike, you will probably consider the frame first. You aim to buy an alloy frame made from chrome and molybdenum. The alloy is strong and the manufacturers go for super slim tubes and arc forging to create a super-light frame.

This would be vital since the parts can inevitably tear off and break, but the excellent framework will endure longer and can still be changed or modified with accessories to accommodate various purposes and fit your preferences.

If the routes you're riding are very rough, you may suggest a reinforcement on your frame, but they might be quite costly and heavier. If you've got a bumpy road, you can do several tricks to further dampen the bumps.

The standard size of the wheels of an adult bike is 26 inches. The standard size is designed to hold a width of 18-38cm. The advantage of narrower tires is that they occupy a smaller surface on the road, meaning they will exert less resistance on the road.

Thinner tires have disadvantages, too. They wear out quickly and because their grip is small, it is easy to slip and fall as compared to knobby tires. The better solution is to use a 28cm wider tire and many companies manufacture the wider tire like Continental Gator-Skin.

The wider tire experiences fewer punctures because it is made of Kevlar. The wider tire is also better in terms of comfort while riding on rough terrains.

Much can be said concerning the components but we cannot summarize everything right away. They bear much of the price of the bicycle, including the initial cost and over the lifespan of the bicycle's maintenance and improvement cost.

Search for trusted, excellently known producers such as Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo. The three produce a wide variety of braking and derailleurs ideal across all price ranges.

One difference is notable, though, with the Gran Dame Campagnolo because it is quite pricey but unparalleled in terms of consistency and brand reputation privileges. If your journey does have several climbs, aim for a broad range of gears and, if not, remain within a tighter range to lessen its ability to cause you trouble controlling your bike so that you travel effortlessly. 

Seamless gear shifting is the unique thing you're going to love every time you sit on your bike to commute.

Be sure to question the salesmen and let the questions be many concerning the credibility of the producer (just about all frames are manufactured in China). Ask questions like what is the durability and performance standard is that specific product design?

Aim for more and tell them something like, demonstrate to me the likes of the product competitors. Grab each bike and feel their weight to find out if you'll be happy having to carry the load along once you get a puncture in the storm and you're searching for a dry spot to repair it.

Do a ride test for each bike you choose and see if it does make you smile. Eventually, you will discover an absolutely adorable bike that is within your budget and the kind that you had pictured in your mind. Nevertheless, you must be prepared to invest some more in a quality bike.

Schwinn Volare 1400 700C Road Bike for Men, Women, 14 Speed, 28 Inch Wheels, Two Sizes, Colors

Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is one of the most efficient ways to become fit at the comfort of your home. It is used for exercise as it makes cardiovascular training more enjoyable and helps you work out effectively as it puts your body in motion.

 Research reveals that training with an exercise bike is one of the most effective cardiovascular health workouts with reduced physical risk.

 To enjoy all these benefits and more, you need to invest in a high-quality exercise bike.

 However, it can be challenging to choose the right exercise bike as they come in different designs, features, and brands.

 So, it’s important to learn how to buy a good exercise bike. The following are the top three things to look for when choosing the right exercise bike:


There are three different types of exercise bikes. Some of the most common include recumbent, upright, and indoor cycling. While these bikes typically perform the same function, they vary greatly.

Depending on your fitness goals, one type can be better than the other as each form has its benefits and drawbacks.

Upright Exercise Bike

This is a bike where the rider sits in an upright and raised position. It’s the most popular type.

Upright exercise bikes come with handlebars that are higher than those of an indoor cycling bike. They offer a comfortable riding position as your body isn’t hunched as you ride.

The best thing about upright bikes is that they are well-suited for a comfortable workout, making them great for beginners.

If you want an exercise bike to train for outdoor cycling, upright bikes are a better option as they allow for a vigorous workout.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Such a bike features a larger seat that has a backrest. They offer a relaxed body position as the pedals are in front of the rider.

These bikes are great for you if you have lower back pain as they reduce stress for the lower back.

If you are looking for a bike that will strengthen your legs effectively, you can invest in a recumbent exercise bike.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

Indoor cycling bikes are usually designed with an open flywheel that has a heavy on its perimeter. They let you ride in an upright position, which provides a great cycling experience.

These bikes come with a lower handlebar to ensure vigorous workouts. Hence, they are great for athletic training and essential cardiovascular training.

If you want an exercise bike that delivers the most dynamic training, you should invest in an indoor cycling bike.


Different bikes come with various resistance systems, so it can be difficult to know what to choose.

Generally, there are three types of resistance systems to choose from. They include manual magnetic, motorized, and electromagnetic resistance systems.

A manual magnetic resistance system is easy to use, well-suited for beginners, and also cheap. However, it has a few speeds, and you can only use it for a limited number of hours.

The motorized magnetic resistance system features various resistance levels, and it comes with training programs accessible with Bluetooth or WIFI connection. It’s heavy-duty but more expensive than the manual magnetic resistance system.

Electromagnetic resistance system, also known as cycle ergometer, is more silent and precise as resistance is provided by an electromagnet through a console.

It has more resistance levels and makes a durable bike that allows you to work out for up to 12 hours a week. However, it’s more expensive compared to other resistance systems.

Essential Features

It’s crucial to decide what extra features you need as different exercise bikes come with varied features.

Some of the essential features include a water holder, programming, display with interactive video games, and a heart-rate monitor.

 These features are important to have in an exercise bike, depending on your needs and preferences.

 Warranty is also another important thing you should look for in an exercise bike. You don’t want to buy a bike that doesn’t have coverage on major moving parts.

 A warranty of at least two or three indicates that a bike is of high-quality and durable. It will save you from regular repair costs.

 While it can be quite hectic to choose the right exercise bike, knowing what to look for helps you narrow down your choices.

 If you want to invest in an excellent exercise bike, consider the things explained in this text to get the best out of your money.

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