Why is it Hard to Pedal My Bike?

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Since cycling is an endurance activity, you need the right bike to make it easy on your body to cope with the rigors of the road. As a cyclist, you can’t perform at your best if you feel that it’s very hard to pedal your bike. 

Luckily, there are several ways to deal with this problem. If this is a problem you’re dealing with right now, there is still hope. By dealing with issues or getting one of the best bikes on the market like the Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, you can improve your performance dramatically.

How do bicycles work?

No matter how much you weigh, the frame of your bike should be strong enough for it not to buckle or snap as soon as you ride on it. Ordinary bikes have frames made of inexpensive but strong alloys based either on aluminum or steel. 

But the bikes used for racing and cycling are much stronger and are more likely to be of carbon-fiber composites. Although they are a bit pricier, they are much stronger, rustproof, and lighter.

Bike frames aren’t designed to be completely rigid as this could result in a ride that’s much less comfortable. All bike frames bend and flex a little to absorb some amount of shock when riding, although manufacturers consider other factors to ensure comfortable rides.

Ultimately, it’s the bike’s wheels that support your whole weight – but in a unique way. If the bike’s wheels were of solid material, they would get squashed down as soon as you board the bike as they should push back up to support your weight.

However, just like the Schwinn Vantage Hybrid Road Bike, most bikes today have wheels that are actually made of a thin rim, a strong hub, and a number of spokes with high tension. These spokes make the wheels lighter, stronger and have the ability to reduce drag compared with wheels made of solid metal.

Why is it hard to pedal a bike?

Generally, cruisers like the Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike are more difficult to pedal than road bikes, but if you really feel it’s much harder, then there are some adjustments that you can make. First, check the brakes to make sure they aren’t the reason for dragging you down.

There might be a need for an adjustment. The reason can also be that the tire pressure is significantly lower than what it should be. Check the tire and brakes pressure. Also, take a quick peek to see if your bike’s tires aren’t rubbing against the frame.

The issue might also be a rusty chain. In such a case, one thing you can do is to lubricate the chain – but use only chain lube. For instance, WD-40 cleans the chain but it has minimal lubricating value.

If you use motor oil, this accumulates on the exterior of the chain and eventually, collects road grime and dirt. This is why you should only use a proper bike chain lube – one that cleans and offers an anti-static effect, meaning it won’t attract grime or road dirt.

Tips for making it easier for you to pedal

Friction causes materials to wear out. In bicycles, one of the most common causes of friction is a rim that rubs against the bike’s brake pad. You can easily solve this problem by making adjustments to the brake.

That is unless your bike has a bent rim, which makes it harder to fix. Adjusting the wheel bearings requires some practice and special tools. It’s recommended to skip your DIY plans and bring your bike to a mechanic.

A wheel rubbing on its frame can also be a source of friction. This can happen because of a bent rim, frame or fork but also because of a misaligned wheel. This issue typically happens with older bike models that have frame eyelets to allow for some adjustment of the chain tension.

A rear wheel axle that isn’t tightened on the frame causes the wheel to get misaligned because of the chain’s pull when you’re pedaling. Also, check the bike’s bottom bracket. If this is over-tightened, it can cause significant friction.

You can verify this by removing the chain from the chainring. Make sure that it doesn’t rub against anything that rotates. To adjust the bracket at the bottom, you need practice and special tools too. Just like the issue with the brake pads, it’s recommended to get a mechanic. 

If not, one good suggestion is to replace the bottom bracket with something more modern. If your DIY efforts fail, just bring your bike to a bike shop and let someone look at it.


Your bike’s condition spells all the difference in your performance, especially if cycling is part of your lifestyle. Furthermore, cycling won’t be a fulfilling experience if there is a need to pedal harder.

Apart from making sure that you purchase the best bikes on the market like the sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle or the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Alloy Beach Cruiser Bicycle, you can deal with any issues with your existing bike by following the tips you learned in this article. 

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