Best Bicycle Tires for Commuting

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If you love hitting the road but do not like taking cars or trains to work, you are most likely cycling. The bike tire might need to get repaired more often to ensure you continue enjoying exercising muscles. Picking the right choice of bike tire for commuting could not get easier using the guide below. 

Here are some quality bike tires to start you off.

  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348.
  • Schwalbe G-one Speed.
  • Continental Contact Speed
  • WTB ThickSlick Comp tire
  • Continental Grand Prix 4 Season

Review – Top 5 commuter bike tires

#1. Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348

Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348 is the perfect option for you to evade punctures along the way when cycling. It has a layer of smart guard underneath the tire to increase your protection.

The tire has a thick rubber lining that enables you to work on a higher spectrum of the road. It ensures you experience different road textures most effectively as you maintain a good speed on the way. Durable materials make the rubber to enhance your cycling experience. Proper maintenance enables you to use this commuter bike tire for many years and decades too.

It has an efficient tread pattern aligned in the proper order to increase the grip on the road. The center treads are in sizeable chunks to increase the surface area over of grip. The outer tread has short lugs to increase the grip of your bike tire on rougher surfaces. 

It has a tube running through the whole tire, which makes repairing easier for you. It will only take you a short while to maintain it whenever a puncture occurs. You will not have to worry about getting a rim tape for installation purposes. 


  • It offers quality puncture resistance.
  • Made with thicker rubber lining.


  • Anti-flat liner not too great but certainly better than others.

#2. Schwalbe G-one Speed

Schwalbe G-one Speed Tire offers your bike high-end resistance to punctures with its amazing features. It will take an impressive effort for you to get a flat with this tire.

A smart guard within the tire enables you to experience a flawless ride in any type of road and adverse weather conditions. This is among the most important components that commuters like you find relief in.

The treads are 30 mm thick, located throughout the surface of the tire right from the outer to the middle part. This gives your bike tire a wider stance ensuring you hit different road surfaces with ease.

It is narrower compared to other commuter bike tire types but still meets your demands. This feature enables you to avoid the drastic congestion of parking because. It allows for even lower tire pressure and an increased contact patch for a more confident grip in corners and a smoother ride.

It lacks tubes making your bike’s tire get less susceptible to pinch flats. The absence of a tube ensures no friction is often experienced in tube bikes between the tube and the tire’s rib. It also has low pressure to increase the speed at which you get to ride in high and low places. 


  • Very strong build makes it last longer.
  • It is narrower with many treads.
  • Great protection against flats.


  • Wears out after a couple thousand miles.

#3. Continental Contact Speed

Continental Contact Speed has a unique creation to distinguish your riding experience with other bike tires. It can change its shape depending on your weight and the type of road surface it is in.

A rugged rubber breaker attached to the sidewalls made of reinforced rubber that makes it less capable of getting you a flat. This double puncture protection feature is perfect for you to take a ride daily at any speed on the road. Buying this is the safest puncture belt that your bike could ever get.

It has a lightweight design to enable you to move with a lot of ease and swiftness on the tarmac. It also has low rolling resistance due to its ability to absorb the unevenness of terrain and regain its initial form while still losing heat. This ensures that you do not have to get to the bike store to buy another commuter bike tire in many years.

The surface of the tire has thin slits molded onto treads that enhance grip on the road. The outer treads have smaller lugs compared to those at the center. These lugs increase grip on rougher surfaces making your ride smooth. The center of the tire has many lugs aligned in a systematic order to increase the surface area of covering tarmac.

The tire is durable so you will not have to worry about weight factors that might influence its efficiency. Silicone, rubber, and other materials used to create it ensure your bike tire experiences the perfect grip, puncture resistance, and longevity. This is also made possible by the fact that rubber is hard to increase durability.


  • Perfect to offer you comfort on the road.
  • It has a rugged rubber beaker reinforced with rubber. 


  • They mount a bit thin.

#4. WTB ThickSlick Comp tire

WTB ThickSlick Comp tire can handle anything different surfaces of roads throw at you. This is due to the presence of a smart guard made from thick rubber to provide you with an added advantage of evading punctures.

The tire has two linings of thick rubber underneath the layer of the tread to increase on thickness. This increases the distance over which sharp and intrusive objects can penetrate through to cause a flat on your bike’s tire. The thicker your bike tire is, the harder for it to be susceptible to getting punctures

The material used to create this bike tire is a DNA rubber that is versatile and lasts your tire longer years. Durable materials ensure that your cycling experience is great by keeping on the road for long hours and not incurring any difficulties with punctures. You will have an added advantage if you keep top-notch maintenance of the bike tire.

It has a sleek design that provides traction on rough surfaces. You will be sure to get quality performance from this type of commuter bike tire, depending on the type of road surface riding in. While on rougher surfaces, you have a chance to cycle fast while on smoother surfaces, a slower ride will suit. 

It also ensures you have a smoother ride through the natural absorption of rubber to different surfaces. Rubber gets to return to its initial form once deformation occurs. It instead releases heat energy instead of getting raptured. Always ensure to check on your bike’s tire whenever you go through rough tarmac and sharp objects.


  • Long-lasting, highly durable
  • Made of a thick layer of rubber lining
  • Sizes are great


  • Not too great protection from staples, nails or sharp objects.

#5. Continental Grand Prix 4 Season

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season is the best bike tire with unbeatable resistance to cold weather. It will ensure you get through winter and the rains with ease on the skidding road surface. 

Strong rubber material combined with other elements makes it to offer you a quality product worth your money. It can withstand any level of weight without bursting out, leading you to have an injury. Apart from this, it is lightweight, increasing your ease of movement by enabling you to change to different speeds.

With lightness in mind, it also offers your bike resistance to rolling while still maintaining perfect condition. This is because the tire material absorbs different textures of road surfaces and levels of accidents to get back to its original form. It in turn loses heat to counter the effect, this ensures the bike, and you are safe.

It offers your bike tire with sidewall protection coming from the high-quality polyamide fabric that makes up the tire material. This is also enhanced by the sides with many treads that increase the area of contact with the riding surface. You can be sure to cycle through worse road conditions with this tire. 

It has a double Vectran Breaker belt under the tread that raises the puncture and cut protection of your bike tire. This will enable you to experience a flawless ride in various types of road surfaces. You can also use it to ride when it is cold and you will not have to worry about skidding and causing an accident. This is among the many important components to find relief in as a beginner or frequent cyclist.


  • Can survive through adverse weather conditions.
  • Made from durable material


  • A few reports on flaky rubber.

What to consider when choosing the best bicycle tires for commuting 

There are various factors to look into to ensure you get the best bike tire. Here are some of the factors to put into consideration.

Material making the bead

This type of bike tires come with two types of materials making used to create the bead. One has a bead made from steel, making it difficult for you to fold it while the other can fold. The latter comes from flexible fiber that ensures you fold it and carry it for emergency purposes. Tires made using steel beads are heavier due to the composition of the metal. 

The presence of tubes

Tires with tubes are standard clinchers that have an inner tube often inflated with Schrader or Presta valves. This enables you to replace them after several punctures with a lot of ease. They can get punctures from sharp objects that penetrate through rubber and pinch flats that cause friction between the tube and rim, resulting in two small holes. 

Tubeless tires lack inner valves but instead have a liquid sealant. This is very beneficial for you because you will not have to worry much about getting down to repair immediately. The liquid sealant immediately covers the hole ensuring you do not get a flat and will not notice the presence of the hole without keen observation.

Protection from punctures

Different types of commuter bike tires offer various puncture protection properties. Some have an added layer of sub treads while others have a puncture-proof belt. Puncture-proof belts are under the bike tire and they offer high resistance to penetration of sharp objects.

Those with two layers of rubber on the tire surface enhance your riding experience by reducing the chances of incurring punctures. The thicker the tire is, the more distance a sharp object has to cover for it to cause a deep hole that leads your tire to be flat. Other tires have this feature extended to their sidewalls for increased durability. 

Tire width

Wider tires provide your bike with more suspension on a surface, ensuring you have a comfortable ride. You can go through bumps and any raised surfaces with a lot of ease. This is because a wider surface area increases the area of contact, reducing you will experience getting through a bump. It also increases traction and maintains both wheels in contact with the road.

Narrower tires will offer you less suspension it is better to ride using them on smooth surfaces. They will offer you an advantage in the parking lot because they fit in small spaces.

The pattern of treads

To choose the right tread pattern, you need to know the type of surface to ride a bike on. This is important to ensure you maintain proper speed and avoid getting into an accident. 

Smooth surfaces go in line with tires that have light treads and those with a sleek design. This is because the contact of the tire and surface will not generate a lot of friction. Rough surfaces like roads need you to get a tire with many treads. This will increase the grip between the bike tire and rough surface that ensures friction rarely occurs whenever you ride.


It is easy to enjoy riding your bike when having the right bike tire to suit the surface of riding. You can be sure to maintain a pleasant riding experience if you pick the best bike tire to commute with. Always consider the surfaces you will ride on, the quality of the tire, and the purpose of a tire before getting one. Do not stop making your bike from getting that amazing look and offering you the best speed.

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