SR Suntour Xcm Review

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SR Suntour Xcm is a disk fork holding the front wheel to a mountain bike. It’s attached to racks, brakes and fenders located along with the blades, close to fork ends and in the crown. It’s gloss black and well-furnished to enhance its appearance. It features the following characteristics:

Its composition

It’s made up of a pair of blades that have a crown at its top and is located at the front most of the fork. It has an arch that connects the lower parts of the fork to the axle, placed in front of the stanchion tubes. 

Above it, a steering tube connects the fork, handlebars and bicycle through a stem that enables riders to steer ahead with ease. The head tube has a headset on it and is made of bearings connecting the bicycle frame and the steerer tube.

Fork ends to attach the wheel to it and are located at the lower end of the fork. It uses the axle or a swift to release skewer going via a hollow axle to ensure it remains clamped.

Materials used to model it

The lower part is composed of aluminum, which is lightweight but offers high strength to breakage when compared to steel with three times the density it has.  This ensures you don’t feel too much weight when steering ahead.

It isn’t prone to corrosion due to the formation of an oxide layer that prevents rusting. It has an added advantage over other forks with its ability to get serviced hence used for longer periods.

The upper part is steel made offering high strength and toughness to the bicycle attachment. It’s highly ductile enabling it to resist high pressure that may lead to deformation. It’s highly durable and can last you a lifetime of cycles with the ease of weighing 5.7lbs.

The dimensions

The fork is composed of offset, length of the steer tube, length, width, and diameter of the steer tube. Always ensure you check the size of the wheel before considering the angle of the frame to determine offset.

A head-angle that is slack goes well with forks having more offset while large wheels require little rake than small ones. Mountain bikes have larger wheels hence require less offset to reduce the wheel tendency to fill out.

It has a length of 29 inches whose measurements end at the center of the axel in the front wheel and begin from the lower end of the bearing at the bottom in a parallel manner.

It has a width of 110mm achieved by measuring it collinear with the axel of the front wheel between the internal edges of the fork ends. The steerer tube has a diameter of 28.6 mm and it’s tapered at the end ensuring it’s stiffer and less flexible to keep on holding its grip on the wheel.

Suspension ability

The steering axis is placed in front of the fork by the offset by carving the blades onward or positioning the fork heads forward of the blade’s centerline. The importance of curved forks is to act as shock absorbers while that of the rake is to decrease distance covered from the ground to the navigation axis. A bicycle using it reduces the effort required to turn at bends.

It has a set of shock absorbers on the upper and lower telescoping tube blades often referred to as blades. It’s lighter, robust and offers high suspension to the wheels. This makes your mountain bike go through rough terrains and extreme conditions in the mountain thicket.

It offers 100 mm of travel for going through extreme terrains downhill and cross-country applications. More reason why it’s listed among the sophisticated suspension forks in recent years.

You can also adjust it to suit an uphill or downhill ride where the latter requires more suspension. For efficient suspension, it has a coil spring designed to enable you to feel linear hooked response all through the journey.


The SR Suntour bicycle rake gives you a chance to go through various mountain terrains with ease. It’s an affordable product made in Taiwan and one loved by many cyclists that’s why it sells out fast on Amazon. Ensure you get one now for an amazing ride through the mountains and long-lasting experience.

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